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Space is community-oriented Social Platform for collaborative development
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Who is Space?
Space is a platform that facilitates the exchange of labor and expertise within the blockchain and Injective community. It connects users seeking support for their projects with willing ambassadors and blockchain enthusiasts. The platform also includes a reward system that encourages user engagement and contribution
Space is the first-ever platform for Web3 users. We are currently developing cutting-edge technology that will allow users to easily access all information related to Injective in one place. Additionally, we are implementing a reward system to ensure that all users, regardless of their position within Injective, have the opportunity to qualify for rewards

Space will serve as a hub for creativity, enabling users to host various events and AMA sessions. We are also seeking out strategic partnerships to further strengthen the status of both Injective and the Space Platform simultaneously.
Space is interested in developing the Injective community, so the platform's website will have all the necessary information about the INJ ecosystem. It should also be noted that the best projects that users can interact with will be integrated

Space Campaign is main idea of platform, on Zealy will be created companies that will run for a certain period of time. During these campaigns, users will get to know whole Injective ecosystem and contribute to its growth by completing tasks. At end of campaign, best participants will be identified and rewarded. The companies will run continuously, and with each new company, users will be introduced projects in ecosystem that Space will collaborate with
Space Campaigns
You can learn more about this event here, get ready! Adventures await
Welcome on Campaigns
What will participation in companies provide in future?
Compaigns main part of Space! The main objective of the compaigns is to involve users in Injective ecosystem. In the course of the compaigns, users complete tasks and get points for doing so, and eventually winners will be chosen
Take part in companies and get unique achievements, roles and more! Perhaps this will give you access to something more... $SPC? Or not, who knows...
In the future we will develop our platform and with it introduce even more interesting assignments and project integrations to the company, stay tuned and stay tuned for more updates