About Space

The decentralized social ecosystem

Space is building a decentralised social ecosystem to bring community together.

  1. Community-driven: The platform was developed with help of the community.
  2. Infrastructure: Shared open mechanism, tools and resources that support ecosystem and empower users.
  3. Multi-Functional: Enables users to get all the features of Web3 in one place.

Shared Resources

About 1

Space as platform

Space is a social platform that serves as a cross metaverse platform within blockchain partnerships.

Space was designed to become the best place for community, where any user can meet a blockchain partner and find everything they need within the platform.

Users can earn by utilizing the platform and other gaming technology in it. Participation in Season Pass will allow the community to familiarize themselves with the ecosystem of blockchain partners and earn.

About 2

Space as community

Space is an active community that is growing and helping others to do the same. Our technologies will help you do this: Mentor System, labor exchange and experience sharing.

In addition, users can search for jobs by offering to help with partner Space jobs.

All of this reinforces Space thesis about the creation of a community by community for community.

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Injective Native Token, since the platform was launched here.


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